State ECU (It’s really all about you.)

Thanks New Mexico. It’s hard to believe that in 1958, the simple idea of state employees pooling their money together began with a two-person office. But investing in each other caught on quickly. And now we’ve got Northern New Mexico covered with convenient locations, and dozens of surcharge-free ATMs.

The last 60 years weren’t spent idly. We found ways to help our members put more of their hard-earned cash back in their pockets. Today, New Mexicans can get approval for personal loans, manage their money through free checking, savings or CD accounts and get free expert financial guidance.

In fact, we’ve helped our fellow New Mexicans save by refinancing their auto loans, consolidating debt, and transferring high-interest credit cards to State ECU. And in the process, made it easier to finance a new home, acquire a new or used vehicle, and start a small business.

Who would’ve thought not allowing megabanks to decide how we use our own money would’ve caught on with so many New Mexicans. We invite you to be a part of our growing financial family.